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The War of Equality & Freedom: Women Inspiring the World

With March 8, International Women's Day, the questions that are asked every day come to the fore more strongly. Women who struggle in every field to achieve equality and freedoms that should be in both social and business life are fighting with their achievements. They are idealistic, courageous, educated and perhaps most importantly illuminating their surroundings. In this way, revolutionary paths have been covered, and they are ready for more! In this article, we will show examples of women artists from different geographies and cultures who have identified common goals.

A Combination of Elegance, Talent and Culture: Nadine Labaki

Labaki, a Lebanese director, actor, screenwriter, and more, was born in 1974. He started acting on the big screen as an actor but later added a career as a producer, director, and screenwriter. The projects are followed closely by telling women well and reflecting real problems on the screen.

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Nadine Labaki, who we see as the leading actress in her first dramatic comedy, Caramel, focuses on the lives and sharing of 5 different women, also takes on the script and direction of the film. The film takes place in a beauty salon where women share their pain, jealousy, joy, gossip, and secrets. Five women who live in one of the most colorful places in Beirut come together in this hall and things happen. Labaki has achieved worldwide success with this film. The sincere, warm and realistic atmosphere of the film played a big role in this success.

nadine labaki womans day

His second film, Where Do We Go Now? Again he writes, directs and plays. The film tells the story of women who no longer want war and men who have to discover peace. Nadine Labaki continued to set an example with her color tones, feminist touches, anti-war and political stance.

An Icon Against Pain: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo, one of the most important painters of the art world and now iconic, was born on July 6, 1907, in Mexico City. But Frida accepted the date of his birth as July 7, 1910, the date of the Mexican Revolution.

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Frida Kahlo began to experience health problems from an early age. When he was only 6 years old, he suffered from polio because of one foot lame. This injury brought him the nickname ta Wooden Leg Frida... For these days, he said, "If there is a truth, that is the first time that pain has entered my body." He said.

By the time he was 18, Frida had a life-changing accident. She went on a bus with her lover Alejandro Gomez to return home from school. But the bus collided with a tram, and most people were killed in the accident. Frida returned from the dead, but bed sessions began for months after that. When he was addicted to bed, his family gave him canvas and paint for painting. He began to relieve his pain. He put a mirror on the bed so he could see for himself. Thus, he started his career as a self-portrait.

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After the accident, he managed to get up after 32 surgeries. The famous painter Diego Rivera whom he met during this period began a long and turbulent love. Diego gave him both love and the greatest suffering. "I've had two major accidents in my life; one was Diego, and the other was a train that almost killed me. Diego was more destructive." He said. The couple went to America in 1930 when Diego received wall painting orders. Here Frida made two consecutive miscarriages. Diego's relationship with other women had exhausted Frida. Their stormy marriage could no longer carry this and they left in 1939. But whatever they did, they couldn't. A year later, they remarried and settled in the house where Frida spent her childhood.

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When Frida married Diego for the second time, he opened an exhibition in New York with the support of Andre Breton, one of the pioneers of the surrealist movement. Frida now had an international reputation. He opened his next exhibition in New York in Paris. Picasso, Kandinsky, and many other important names were also interested in the exhibition. The Louvre Museum bought Frida's painting, which she called the "Frame". Picasso later said about Frida, "We don't know how to draw human faces like him." commented. Even known for her fascination with Frida, Madonna bought 50 of her 70 works.

Frida Kahlo died of lung embolism on July 13, 1954. He lived in a challenging and different 47 years and fitted 55 paintings with 143 self-portraits.

We, as Welter Atelier, carried Frida Kahlo to our walls. Because of his iconic personality and style, he always stands fashionable and noble, regardless of time-space.

frida kahlo womans day


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